6 Mac Hacks You Should Know About

6 Mac Hacks You Should Know About

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macOS is a simple operating system intended for smooth workflow and better productivity. It packs a lot of punch under the hood; hence, even the most seasoned macOS users miss some features that are lying in plain sight. Some features need some digging as they are hidden.

Don’t let the simple appearance fool you. Utilise these suggestions and tactics to get the most out of your Mac.

Sync Data Between two Macs

Do you have multiple Macs? If so, syncing files and folders across computers might be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be if you learn how to sync folders between two Macs. You can use a dedicated application like Dropshare, iCloud, or Google Drive to sync files between two Macs. If you want to sync files without the cloud, you can use apps like ChronoSync Express. This is a backup and syncing application that syncs the contents of chosen folders.

Run Two Apps Side by Side

Use Split View to split the screen and run two apps side by side. There’s no need to resize either window, and you don’t have to switch between apps. You can work on two programs simultaneously.

You can enable and quit Split View by opening two apps and placing them on opposite sides of the screen. In the top left corner of one app’s window, hover the cursor or click the green bubble, and a dropdown menu will open. Choose either Tile Window to the Left or Right of Screen, and the app will fill that side of the screen.

Click the other application and have it fill the remainder of the screen.

Click the green bubble again to exit Split View or press the Escape button. This will exit one application from Split View, and the other app will be in full screen.

Record the Screen without installing Additional Software

Sometimes watching instead of reading is the best way to learn. So you can make a tutorial by recording your screen. This will be preferable to offer your employees written directions.

Here will be a toolbar at the bottom of the screen if you press Command + Shift + 5. You can pick to only record a portion of the screen or the whole thing.Recording can be stopped by pressing the ESC key or the Stop symbol in the menu bar.

Memorize Shortcuts for Taking a Screenshot

Screenshots are an easy way to save important pieces of information. Be it digital purchases or extra copies of sports games, you can take a screenshot and save it. These screenshots can be shared via messaging apps or email.

On a Mac, there are various ways to take a screenshot.

By hitting Command + Shift + 3, you can capture the full screen. Pressing Command + Shift + 4 turns your mouse into a crosshair. You can click and drag the frame to the screenshot part of an app’s window or your screen.

Press Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar, and your mouse will turn into a camera icon and can take screenshots of the window, app, or other elements your mouse is hovering over. If you take a screenshot this way, it will make your screenshot look cleaner and have a nice shadow.

Copy and Paste Between Devices

With the remarkable Universal Clipboard function, sharing data between devices has never been more effortless. Whether it’s captivating pictures, informative text, engaging videos, or cherished photos, you have the power to copy and paste diverse content across your devices. Picture this: effortlessly transferring content from your iPhone to your Mac, or vice versa.

Minimize Distractions by Setting Up a Focus

When you need to minimize distractions and stay on task, use Focus. This feature can be used to silence and pause all notifications or allow only specific notifications to come through. Also, you can share the fact you have silenced notifications so your contacts know you are busy.

You can add or remove a Focus by clicking the Apple menu > System Settings > Focus. Then, you can click Add Focus to add a focus like Work or Gaming. You can also create a custom Focus by clicking Add Focus > Custom and then entering a name > choose a color and icon > click OK.

You can remove a Focus by clicking a Focus in the list and then clicking Delete Focus. A custom Focus will be deleted permanently, but if you are removing a provided Focus, you can add it again later.

The Bottom Line

These six Mac hacks will boost your productivity and help unlock the full potential of your Mac.

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