Elounda Crete: A Mediterranean Paradise

Elounda Crete: A Mediterranean Paradise

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So you’ve decided to take that trip of a lifetime and explore the Greek islands. Fantastic choice! There’s no better place to immerse yourself in Mediterranean bliss than the island of Crete. Within Crete, look no further than the picturesque village of Elounda on the northern coast. This seaside paradise will sweep you away with its azure waters, rugged mountains, and vibrant culture.

In Elounda Crete, you’ll find a slower pace of life that revolves around family, food, and enjoying simple pleasures. The aroma of olive groves fills the air as you awaken each morning to the sound of the ocean lapping gently at the shore. Wander the cobblestone alleyways, stopping at quaint stores selling regional goods and tavernas serving delectable traditional food with jaw-dropping views. There are a tonne of picturesque beaches and hiking paths just waiting to be discovered when you’re ready to burn off that baklava. When your trip is over, the only thing you’ll regret is not spending more time in Elounda. You’ll fall in love with this tiny piece of heaven on earth and start to daydream about coming back.

Exploring the Quaint Seaside Village of Elounda

Elounda is a charming seaside resort that exploring is like entering a paradise in the Mediterranean. The ideal getaway from the crowds is this peaceful town on the northern coast of Crete.

The aroma of souvlaki and moussaka fills the air as you stroll along the harbour promenade dotted with traditional tavernas. Why not get some fresh seafood and sit outside while admiring the fishing boats bobbing in the clear bay? Wander the cobblestone streets after lunch to discover tucked-away stores that sell handmade leather products, olive oil soap, and raki.

The little church of Agios Nikolaos, with its vivid blue domes overlooking the sea, is a must-see. Climb the steps to the Venetian stronghold at the extremity of the peninsula for sweeping vistas. As the sun sets into the Libyan Sea, grab a drink at one of the cliffside bars and toast the fiery sky.

At night, the waterfront comes to life. As shimmering light strings and music play, people gather to socialize over meze and drinks. Choose a comfortable tavern to sample local specialties like keftedes meatballs, dolmades stuffed grape leaves, and kalamari fried squid.


Elounda provides relaxed elegance and unspoiled beauty, whether you wish to see historical monuments, unwind on the beach, go boating, or simply enjoy a meal and few drinks with friends. You might not want to leave this Cretan paradise after a few days there.


Must-See Historical Sites in Elounda

Incredible historical sites that offer a window into the region’s colourful past may be found in Elounda. Here are several must-sees:

  • The sunken city of Olous. I may see the remains of an old city that vanished into the water in the eighth century just offshore. Book a boat tour to explore what’s left of this once-thriving port town, including crumbled temples, houses, and a church.
  • The fortress of Spinalonga. This Venetian fortress turned leper colony sits on an islet in the Gulf of Elounda. You can take a boat to Spinalonga and tour the abandoned village, hospital, and church. It’s a sobering look at how leprosy sufferers lived in isolation for decades.
  • The Palace of Malia. About 4 miles west of Elounda, the Palace of Malia was an important Minoan palace and cultural center. of the best surviving Minoan palaces, with vibrant frescoes, royal chambers, workshops, and storerooms, it was constructed approximately 1900 BC. You can see artifacts from the palace at the Heraklion Archeological Museum.

The historical landmarks of Elounda provide a window into the birth and demise of significant ancient civilizations. This area has survived for millennia, including buried civilizations, leper colonies, and royal mansions. You will gain a profound appreciation for Elounda’s natural beauty and the countless people who have made this area home throughout the ages by investigating the city’s past.

Best Beaches to Relax in Elounda

Plaka Beach

Plaka beach, one of Elounda’s most well-liked beaches, lies tucked away at the bottom of a picturesque harbor. You’ll think you’ve escaped to a remote tropical paradise with its beautiful golden sand and azure lakes. To unwind in the sun, rent a sun lounger and an umbrella, or try one of the many water activities offered at the beach. The shallow, quiet waters are perfect for swimming, especially for young children. After spending the day at the beach, take a stroll along the promenade to one of Plaka’s tavernas for some authentic Cretan food and a sea view.

Kolokytha Beach

Visit Kolokytha beach for a more sedate beach atmosphere. This little cove with a pebble beach located at the end of a twisting road, below the famed Kolokytha Castle. You’ll frequently have the beach to yourself due to the tranquil surroundings and lack of amenities. Pack everything else that you’ll need throughout the day, such as energy drinks and food. Don’t forget your mask and fins because the protected waters are ideal for snorkeling. Hike up to the Venetian castle ruins for sweeping views of Elounda bay after swimming and tanning.

Kalydon Beach

At Kalydon beach, a remote sandy beach only reachable by boat or a 30-minute climb from Plaka, you can get away from the throng. Kalydon appears to be nestled away from the bigger resort beaches because of the olive groves and mountains that serve as its backdrop. Bring only the things you really must for the hike, such water, snacks, and towels. will arrive in a serene sanctuary with only a few sunbeds dotted along the shore at the finish of the trip. Before making the trek back to Plaka, spend a few delightful hours swimming, tanning, and taking in the peace.

Every type of beach is available in Elounda. You may locate your ideal stretch of Cretan beach in Elounda, whether you’re looking for an exhilarating day of water sports, a relaxing dip with the family, or a quiet getaway.

Where to Stay in Elounda: Luxury Resorts and Budget Hotels

Luxury Resorts

Some of Crete’s greatest luxury resorts, complete with breathtaking beaches and opulent amenities, are located near Elounda. A seaside resort featuring bungalow-style accommodations, several pools, tennis courts, and a spa is the 5-star Elounda Beach Hotel. The Elounda Mare Relais & Châteaux features upscale accommodations with private pools, fine dining establishments, and a 2,500 square meter luxury spa.

  • Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort is set on a peninsula with an 18-hole golf course, private beach and haute cuisine restaurants.
  • The Blue Palace Resort & Spa is a 114-acre resort with bungalows, suites and villas along a private beach, as well as gourmet restaurants, bars, spas, pools and sports facilities.

Budget-Friendly Hotels

If luxury resorts aren’t in your budget, don’t worry – there are plenty of affordable hotels in Elounda with great value.

  1. The Istron Bay Hotel is a family-run hotel just 300 meters from a pebble beach, with simple but comfortable rooms, some with balconies and sea views. There’s a restaurant, bar and pool onsite.
  2. The Avra Collection Elounda Breeze Resort is a 4-star hotel with modern rooms, buffet restaurant, multiple pools and a children’s playground, all within a short walk of Elounda village center and beach.
  3. Consider the Elounda Sunrise Apartments, which provide inexpensive studios and apartments with kitchenettes and are only 50 metres from Elounda beach, if you want to self-cater.

Maybe you’re searching for a total deluxe escape nor a cheap cooking one’s own vacation, Elounda has a variety of hotels to fit any budget spectrum. You can be sure that wherever you decide to stay, you’ll have a terrific Greek stay given its stunning beach and the natural beauty that accompanies it.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Elounda, Crete

When is the best time to visit Elounda?

The warmest and busiest time of year to travel to Elounda is from June through August. The shoulder months of May and September can also be nice if you wish to avoid crowded areas, with mild weather and less visitors. A majority of shops are still open, and swimming is still allowed in the mild sea. For a more relaxed trip at a lower cost, travel in the cooler periods of May and June or September through Halloween.

How do I get around Elounda and Crete?

Renting a car is the most convenient way to see Elounda and the surrounding areas. In Elounda, there are numerous rental companies where you may rent everything from a little car to an SUV. Most visitors find driving in Crete to be relatively simple. As an alternative, you can arrange tours and excursions to see sights farther away. The majority of places in Elounda village may be reached on foot or by renting bicycles. Elounda may be reached by bus from Agios Nikolaos and other Crete cities as well. There are also taxis and water taxis for hiring.

Where can I stay in Elounda?

There are lodging alternatives in Elounda for every price range. Seafront accommodations, exclusive beaches, spas, and exquisite dining can be found at luxury resorts like the Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel and Elounda Mare Relais & Chateaux. Check out family-run establishments like the Avra Collection and Cavo Spada Luxury Village for mid-range choices. Additionally, there are B&Bs, flats, and villas that are affordable. Regardless of where you stay, you’ll enjoy stunning vistas and warm Cretan hospitality.

What should I eat in Elounda?

The indigenous cuisine in Elounda is a must-try on any trip there. Regarding fried fish, calamari, and various other seafood that is freshly caught, there are multiple options. You must sample traditional foods like fried zucchini balls and dakos, a meal similar to bruschetta with tomato and feta. People who eat meat will adore gyros, souvlaki, and kretye sausage. You can’t go wrong with yoghurt with honey, fruit, and walnuts for dessert. A drink of raki, an anise-flavored aperitif, completes no meal. Enjoy!


You’ve just seen a small portion of the paradise that is Elounda, Crete. This quaint seaside community has something for everyone with its breathtaking natural beauty, extensive history, and delectable cuisine around every corner. When you hope to relax on the sand, visit historical ruins, or sail the pristine seas of the the Mediterranean Sea, Elounda must be at the top pf your list. You’ll likely experience difficulties saying good because you’ll constantly be daydreaming about return to this small slice of the heavenly realm, so it will be the hardest component of your travel. But don’t worry, Elounda will be there for you when you need it, the ideal escape.

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